Friday, August 6, 2010

Pigeon rescue ...

I have many pigeons visiting my balcony. My balcony consists of 1 cupboard (which has tools and stuff) and 2 cabinets (which have bed sheets and other stuff). So, in the balcony many pigeons and sparrows visit us to eat bajra and some of pigeons live on top of the cupboard and cabinet. They make their nests and have 2 babies there too. Because pigeons mostly lay just two eggs at one time. One shining day I woke up early in the morning and went to the balcony and found one skeleton of the baby pigeon and I was so shocked. I kept wondering and thinking who could have done this :S Then, after a few hours I was watching TV in my living room and saw a shadow coming in from the grill in the balcony I thought it must be mummy pigeon to feed the child but when I heard the noise I ran to the balcony and saw that a crow was taking the only left baby pigeon in his paws! I shouted and the crow dropped the baby pigeon on the floor of the balcony and flew away. Then at once I wanted to put that baby pigeon back to its place but I thought what if any human touches the baby pigeon then the family disowns that baby pigeon. So, to be on the safe side, I put that baby pigeon to the side through dusting tray and I prayed that mummy pigeon would see her baby soon coz 2-3 times she flew to the nest and trying to find her baby. Finally, after few hours she found her baby on the floor of our balcony and then I took care for a few days that no crow should enter in my balcony and then slowly slowly that baby pigeon grew up and now he has started flying as well … :)

here is pigeons nest:

and here are the pigeons .. :)